Selling it off!

So over the past few weeks I've been selling my life's possessions on Craigslist. I love how easy things are gotten rid of or picked up. It really kind of reminds me of the "Swap Shop" that use to take place on my little tiny town's radio station on Saturday mornings. Anyway, I've gotten over the look of my heavy wood furniture and am trying to make my living space a little more eclectic, modern, reused, decorated...we'll see how that all works out :) For now I've gotten rid of a desk, coffee table and old entertainment center. So this weekend I replaced the coffee table and tv stand. I really had these tiny, simple, inexpensive tables from Ikea in mind

...but since I live no where close to an Ikea and they don't ship them...I had to settle for these.

Not bad, what do you think? I also finally got around to painting the chandelier that I purchased(on the wonderful craigslist) a few weeks ago. I really liked these white chandelier of Martha Stewart's and so with that as my inspiration I set off for some white spray paint. Here's the chandelier now. Sitting in the bf's living room.

Maybe in the next couple of week's he'll help me hang it and I'll post an actual after photo. I'm at a bit of a standstill now in regards to the re-decorating. I think that with my warm sienna paint color some great turquoise accents would do nicely...or light blue. I think I'll know it when I see it. Maybe some of these would do nicely. I'm also thinking about painting the inside of my front door. I saw some great inspiration here which is one of my favorite daily reads make sure to check it out!

Off to a great outdoor bbq!...

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