Steel Cut Oatmeal

My new addiction...steel cut oatmeal. I know I know...I've turned into the cliche middle class turned into Whole Foods trend addict, but seriously it's delicious. It's not the mushy, slimmy stuff that was fed to us as innocent unsuspecting children (which my dad taught me to douse with so much cream and sugar it turned to dessert!) It's nutty, and comforting, and a great hot breakfast. So I've began making a big batch on Sundays and eating it with a smidgen of Almond butter (again with the whole foods business) each mid morning which really has become my favorite part of my work day!

In other news..I got a promotion at work! Hence the busy-ness that has kept me off of here for a while, but don't worry, I have plenty to share...just haven't gotten around to it yet.

More to come..but right now all that I can think about is making marshmallows...like these...

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