Working out and Eating Cake?!

The week is off to a great start. I went into the office over the weekend and got caught up on a lot, which is making it sooo much easier to not get behind this week. Hope that trend continues.

Last weekend a long time friend came into town. We gabbed and gabbed and gabbed (the bf was shocked since I don't show that side of myself very often). We had a great time catching up and devising a plan to stick to a workout for 90 days. Yes, you've seen the infomercial on Saturday mornings and late week nights, don't be embarrassed. I'm talking about P90X! I think I watched the infomercial in it's entirety twice thinking I'd never be able to keep up with such a strenuous workout routine, but with renewed focus on working out we decided to commit to it. I'm happy to report that I'm on day 9 and it's going really well. Really well in the fact that I can still walk :) I'm sore every day, but feel a little sense of accomplishment after every workout. I know I'm only on day 9 of 90, but one day at at time is my motto. I was hesitant to post about it since I really really want to go the whole way, but to date have not been very good at following through on work out regimens, but here's to changing all that. And for added motivation the bf has promised a great prize if I make it through the entire 90 days without missing a single workout! (there are repercussions for not making it the whole 90 days as well..but I'm trying to just focus on the positive...) Which will be a challenge considering I just signed up for a basketball league on Sunday nights and to run 7 miles in a relay marathon coming up in mid October. But the pay out to the bet will be worth it! More hints on the grand prize to come...

Speaking of the bf, he has a birthday coming up next week. I fully intend on making one of these...

Image from SmittenKitchen

I'll post a picture of my version of the cake, but don't get your hopes up, I'm sure it will only vaguely resemble the above picture, but hey, it's the thought (and taste!) that counts..right? He loves peanut butter..and I love chocolate, and who am I kidding here, I will eat more of it than him.

I really don't have a plan for the day other than that. I guess I better get a plan...


DIY Inspiration

Today has been a great day to organize some of my inspiration pictures and I'll share the ones that are the closest to being implemented.

I'm still craving painting the interior of the front door. Black is looking like a great option.

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I'm also inspired by this DIY. It has moved very close to the top of my list of projects. I'm imagining this technique in this color scheme.

image from here

Can't wait to post the after pics!

The project that has been looming at the top of the list for a few months now is the bf's kitchen. Time to get rid of those builder grade, honey stained, oak cabinets. I was first inspired by this amazing before and after. It has taken a while to make a decision, but I think we have a winner!
Here's our mockup cabinet door as a sneak peak.

The cabinets are just phase one of this kitchen remodel on a dime. If only we had more time to work on this project. Slowly but surely we'll get there, and don't worry, I'll share all the secrets!


Painted Fireplace

Aww..the perfect day...48 degrees and cloudy, sprinkling ever so lightly with a chance of snow this afternoon. Not a huge fan of the snow, but love a fall day and even though it seems we jumped straight from summer to late fall, I'm loving every minute of it. There is just something so calm and comforting in an overcast day. It makes me want to cuddle up with a book (or my laptop). Granted I don't have that option, but the thought is still nice. Guess I'll settle for some hot tea while I take my lunch break...

I painted my fireplace! I know, I know, there are going to be wood lovers that despise me, but it wasn't pretty wood, it was 1970 pine with too light of stain running at an angle with some water damage. Paint was really the best option. I also covered up the nasty cheap beige tile that was flanking the fireplace and making up the hearth. I was a little fearful of this project, but seriously what can't you paint, and with it being up so close to the fireplace it will rarely, if ever get walked on. Here is the less than great before:

I know, I know, the coffee table, TV stand and accessories need a little work. Don't judge, more on that coming... Here is an in process picture after one coat of awesome fix everything primer...It's on its way!
And the grand transformation (with a few other updates...)
Paint can do amazing things. I love how much it brightened and updated the room all for less than $15!



I am absolutely in love with my newly painted chandelier! It was easy as pie (since I've made 2 now, I can use that expression...right? ) I simply took the old dirty oil rubbed bronze Gothic looking chandelier outside with a large piece of cardboard and the new chain I purchased for $1 from Home Depot. I then just coated the thing and the chain using about 4 light coats. That is key here...be very careful to not get drips so go light on the trigger finger!

Well here she is hanging in my reading nook! I apologize for the poor picture quality, using the iPhone currently as it's the only thing I've got...for now :)

More house redecorating before and afters to come!


Peach Pie

The pie turned out wonderfully if I do say so myself. So wonderfully that it was consumed, in its entirety in 3 days by just 2 people...which is why I shouldn't enjoy cooking and baking; especially the baking, so much. I made another just 4 days later and shared it with the in-laws who were in town the night before we all headed out for wonderful sunny, west coast laid back, California...but that's another post for another day.

Today I want to share with you the pie. It started off with the perfect pie crust. I followed the instructions found here to a T because of the fear of pie crusts my mother had instilled in me. However, even if some of my butter chunks were a bit larger than some of my other butter chunks and when I rolled it out it really didn't resemble a circle and had quite jagged edges, a perfectly 12" round was still extracted from it's amoeba-ness and baked up just perfectly (or good enough). I kinda made up my own filling concoction after reading a dozen different recipes for peach pie filling. I decided you really couldn't go wrong with juicy fresh in season peaches. I added 1/4 Cup less sugar than most recipes called for, I really dislike the overly sweet pie, and added in a bit of cinnamon, and of course dredged the peaches in flower first, smooshed it all together piled it in the chilled pie crust and dotted with butter.

Then, because one can never have too much crust and my philosophy is go big or go home, I finished with a lattice top. It may not have turned out looking like the the previous post's picture, but it was fairly good and tasted really good. I rolled out my second chilled round of butter chunked dough and cut it into strips. Then laid them across the top in a weave fashion and as tight as possible because there is no such thing as too much crust!

Anyone that's ever had a fear of pie, fear no more. Run and grab up some of the last juicy in-season peaches of the summer and you will be praised for your efforts.