Banana Ice Cream

This stuff is like a science experiment. It's transformation is unbelievable. My bf asked multiple times what else was in it. Go now and peel and place a couple of really ripe bananas in the freezer...yes, you were saving those for banana bread and Yes, this is waaay better. We'll get to the details in a minute, but go...then come back and read the rest of this.

So it's really quite simple. You take the frozen deliciously ripe bananas out of the freezer and pop them into the food processor. I just got a food processor attachment for my stand mixer for Christmas and was super excited to try this out.

Process the bananas until they turn magically into a thick cream consistency. It really takes quite a bit of time in the food processor to get it all evenly smooth. Don't give up. Push that button until smooth perfection arrives.

With a spatula, scrap all of the yumminess into a sealable container and put back in the freezer.

Serve like you would ice cream with all the toppings you want. My favorite is this one.

This is so amazing. I think that I could make this switch for ice cream forever, plus its all natural, super low in fat, and no added sugar.

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  1. I love banana icecream like this! It's just how my mama made it for us as (hippy) kids! And it's the only "icecream" my kids knew until my eldest was about 3 years old! So quick, easy, healthy and YUM!!! Frozen berries added into the mix is also delicious :-)