DIY Inspiration

Today has been a great day to organize some of my inspiration pictures and I'll share the ones that are the closest to being implemented.

I'm still craving painting the interior of the front door. Black is looking like a great option.

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I'm also inspired by this DIY. It has moved very close to the top of my list of projects. I'm imagining this technique in this color scheme.

image from here

Can't wait to post the after pics!

The project that has been looming at the top of the list for a few months now is the bf's kitchen. Time to get rid of those builder grade, honey stained, oak cabinets. I was first inspired by this amazing before and after. It has taken a while to make a decision, but I think we have a winner!
Here's our mockup cabinet door as a sneak peak.

The cabinets are just phase one of this kitchen remodel on a dime. If only we had more time to work on this project. Slowly but surely we'll get there, and don't worry, I'll share all the secrets!

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