Painted Fireplace

Aww..the perfect day...48 degrees and cloudy, sprinkling ever so lightly with a chance of snow this afternoon. Not a huge fan of the snow, but love a fall day and even though it seems we jumped straight from summer to late fall, I'm loving every minute of it. There is just something so calm and comforting in an overcast day. It makes me want to cuddle up with a book (or my laptop). Granted I don't have that option, but the thought is still nice. Guess I'll settle for some hot tea while I take my lunch break...

I painted my fireplace! I know, I know, there are going to be wood lovers that despise me, but it wasn't pretty wood, it was 1970 pine with too light of stain running at an angle with some water damage. Paint was really the best option. I also covered up the nasty cheap beige tile that was flanking the fireplace and making up the hearth. I was a little fearful of this project, but seriously what can't you paint, and with it being up so close to the fireplace it will rarely, if ever get walked on. Here is the less than great before:

I know, I know, the coffee table, TV stand and accessories need a little work. Don't judge, more on that coming... Here is an in process picture after one coat of awesome fix everything primer...It's on its way!
And the grand transformation (with a few other updates...)
Paint can do amazing things. I love how much it brightened and updated the room all for less than $15!

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