In the Christmas Spirit!

A browse through target.com and this DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte got me totally in the holiday spirit...even though it's only November 12th! I need to find some room for these cute little trees and one of these and one of these cozy homeade feeling stockings! The bf isn't big on Christmas decorating since we both spend the time right around the holidays at our parents' houses, but this might be the year I force the Christmas spirit upon him!

and a recap from my birthday!

He also made this delicious pizza

and bought some wonderful gluten free (more on that later) cupcakes (470 calories a piece!) from Whole Foods, and tonight I polished off the last one!

Also working on some blog updates that I hope to be excited to share...there was one final birthday surprise!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Those cupcakes look delsih, I'll have to try them out next time I'm at Whole Foods. Even though you didnt get your camera this birthday,I hope its under the tree for you this year :)