Some events prompting gifts are right around the corner. I have dropped several hints about inexpensive wants / needs for the bf to pick up on, but in true guy style, he seems to be at a loss for what he could 'get' me that would fill the requirements.

Why is it that guys have such a hard time with gift giving? It doesn't have to be some big expensive purchased gift it could be all kinds of inexpensive..or moderately expensive... thoughtful items. Something to aid in any of the new hobbies I've acquired over the last 6 months..tools, classes, etc. Or just a nice dinner at a restaurant he picked because he thought I'd like it, or even something practical (I've been very appreciative of the vacuum, stand mixer, and other like minded practical gifts that many less great girlfriends would have been appalled at)

But since he's the one at a loss for a gift at the moment, this post is for him. Here are my exuberant, unnecessary flat out wants....
A fully automatic esspresso maker with (the absolutely required in something this expensive) milk frother:

or this digital SLR camera to enhance my blogging and family photos...

Either would be a great option...

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