28 To Dos before 28!

Ahh..great birthday. I'm sitting here blogging with my glass of wine (that the bf brought home along with flowers and a dough hook for my stand mixer!) while he cooks supper in preparation for watching some Monday night football.

I've compiled this goal list of things to accomplish during my 28th year on this earth. I'll keep updating this post as I cross things off the list. Without further ado...

1. Finish P90X..all 90 days of it.
2. Take a class (photography, cake decorating, biomedical engineering..something!)
3. Go 1 entire month maintaining 3 blog posts per week.
4. Bake and decorate a layer cake.
5. RECYCLE! (even though i have to drive my stuff to the closest center because my unit doesn't offer recycling pick up).
6. Finish the bf's kitchen cabinet project.
7. REad all 633 pages of The Book of God (I've owned this book for going on 8 years!)
8. Run 13.1 miles while being timed.
9. Break out of the ugly brown leather work shoe rut.
10. Buy an outfit that makes me feel stylish and beautiful..without paying too much attention to the price tag.
11. Go out to dineer at a restaurant I've never heard of based only on online reviews.
12. Cook a meal for someone besides the bf!
13. Pretty up the bf's laundry room..with this as inpiration!
14. Read more books...6 in the next year! (audio books count!)
15. Take more pictures.
16. Go sledding!
17. Wear earings once a month (that's 12x more often than I currently do!).
18. Plan a date once a month.
19. Fix my shaking washer/dryer problem.
20. Send out birthday cards to loved ones on time.
21. Make my own Christmas cards.
22. Call in sick :)
23. Take a trip (that doesn't involve an amusement park or a casino).
24. Make gifts..that are worthy of being given.
25. Keep a plant alive for a whole year.
26. Make popcorn balls and share with the office.
27. Eliminate chemical cleaners from my house and my life!
28. Laugh and smile more.

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